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tEach Your Children or Learn For Yourself

Hip-hop, freestyle &
western dance With Our Free 4 Days Workshop

This Sunday - 17th Of September 2023

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Learn hip-hop, waving, animation, bollywood, freestyle dance styles

There’s nothing better than having your very own coach and mentor. Need an extra push? Our personal trainers are expert dance artists, They work for you no matter your age or fitness level.

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Why Dance?
The Importance of Dance in Your Child’s Life

People sometimes ask me why I dance. My answer is simply, ”Why not?” My main motive is joy. The happiness that dance has provided me is not really something I can explain – it has to be felt. The benefits and opportunities dance has afforded me and many others, can do the same for you and your child. Even if your child does not end up being a professional dancer, there are several benefits to beginning dance instruction at a young age:

WHO CAN Join This Free workshop

Anyone who is ready to learn dance and love dance



Working people


Why dancing is amazing for you — according to an expert

“In my opinion, there is no better workout than dance,” says iFit trainer Kelsey Sheahan. “You have to use every essence of your body to do it. Dancing is a full-body workout in the truest sense.”

“It helps improve coordination, memorization, endurance, flexibility, and most importantly, it makes your heart happy,” continues Sheahan. “I guarantee you will see a huge difference in your overall mood, decrease stress levels, and have an extra pep in your step.”

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